Our Chicago Wood Floor Refinishing Services

It might surprise you to know that in addition to our fine remodeling services that we also are masters of wood floor refinishing. Wood floor refacing and refinishing takes a specialized floor sander and experience applying urethane polymer flooring to the sanded wood. We can color the floor any color you like. And our removal of the older urethane floor is relatively dust free thanks to our newer sanders. Of course, there is still some dust but nowhere near where it was with the older sanders we used to have. But dust aside, the most important consideration in picking wood floor refinishing services is the durability and floor shine. Urethane is the strongest polymer flooring around but some grades of urethane are stronger than others. You can even pick urethane grades which are resistant to harsh chemical spills. If you want a specialized grade of flooring which will suit your needs than we can make it happen for you. Few people even realize the chemical power which can be imbedded into polymer to protect your floor. But we do! And if you want your wood floors to be super protected by the polymer coatings above them than just ask us and we can make it happen for you. We know where to shop for it and you cannot find it at Lowes or Home Depot.

Why Floor Refinishing Makes Your Life Better

Speaking from personal experience, when I first graduated from college I moved into a shared apartment space which had a wood floor which was totally worn out and the finish had completely faded away. It made for a dingy living experience I can tell you that! As I sit here today typing this out I am under hardwood flooring which has been beautifully refinished. It makes a real difference knowing that the ground beneath your feet is clean, long lasting and highly durable polymer urethane wood flooring. I can see and appreciate the beauty of the grain. The wood probably hailed from some forest in Wisconsin which has been cut down. Anyway, this wood floor is beautiful and will be around long after me. In my opinion it is well worth considering having your floor refinished. Stay with hard wood flooring as your first option always. Carpeting can be very unhealthy. When I moved into my second residence the condominium had berber carpeting. As can be a common occurrence in high rise buildings my unit experienced flooding and that berber carpeting immediately began to mold. That mold was damaging to my health and only after I had ripped it all out and installed new hardwood flooring did my health improve. Since such an incident in my life I am totally turned off from the thought or mention of carpeting. It is unhealthy for you! Perhaps if you are extra careful with cleaning the impact on your health can be minimal but why risk it? Hardwood flooring is much nicer anyway.