Polish Culture and Lifestyle

Chicago offers plenty of fun attractions. You can never get tired of all the Polish night clubs or Polish restaurants in Chicago. Chicago has plenty of museums and theaters for entertainment and learning. Chicago is a great place for visiting Poles to see new and interesting landmarks while still having familiar cultural sights of home. There are wonderful Polish smorgasbord restaurants where you can have your fill of meat and mashed potatoes. The Chicago Polish night clubs are often packed with youthful Poles on a long night out. Poles are known for both working hard and playing hard. Chicago offers great opportunities for work and equal opportunities for play.

In the Summer months Chicago has wonderful beaches and opportunities to swim. Outdoor Polish barbecues and picnics happen every weekend. There are plenty of bicycle paths in the city. You can really see Chicago's many neighborhoods and get a sense of Chicago's cultural complexity from a long bicyle ride. Chicago has plenty of parks for dogs to play. A lakefront beach has even been developed for dogs and their owners. On the lakefront is where you will find the youth of Chicago exercising and sun tanning. Navy Pier is often bustling with people. You can go on boat tours of the Loop or see the city from the Sears Tower observation deck. You can visit the Art Institute and see the best representation of Impressionist Art in the world. Or spend time at a musical festival in Grant Park. You can walk down Michigan Avenue and visit the Lincoln Park Zoo. The list of things to do is almost endless.

Chicago is much like Poland in its Winter climate. On a cold day there's nothing better than Polish comfort food and a good movie to watch at home. The night clubs and restaurants are still in full swing but not as busy as in the warmer months. Holidays come much appreciated. Tea with rum and raspberry syrup is a favorite drink. On cold days in Chicago the pace of life slows down and you find that what really matters is the social network of friends and family you have developed over the years.