Our Chicago Custom Cabinet Services

Do you have cabinet shelves and drawers that simply need to be entirely replaced? Are you also yearning to have a custom kitchen or bathroom in your home which is unique to your stylistic taste and vision? We can hand craft for you cabinets which will be everything you ever wanted them to be. You can pick the finish and the type of wood and color stain. You can tell us how large or small you want the cabinets to be. You can direct us to make this kitchen fit entirely around your needs and desires. And while you are directing us in the custom style design of these cabinets you can rest assured that we will also be focusing on building the cabinets right. It is our goal as a home remodeling company to build luxury grade custom cabinets which will last into the ages. As the scarcity of goods ever increases on this earth it is far better to build it right the first time with quality materials that will last so that less waste will end up in the land fill.

Why Stylish Custom Cabinet Design is Helpful on Home Resale

As our job is to make custom cabinets which you will be most happy with we will design them to look exactly how you want them to look. But, beyond your own personal considerations, we can also give you expert advice on what styles sell well on the market. Not every kitchen cabinet design will appeal to the greater masses. Certain styles have greater appeal. People are attracted to certain colors and color stains more than others. The psychological effect that color has on the individual cannot be understated. And simply stated, it pays to know what styles sell well on the market. Home improvement is as much about personal style choice and a lifestyle enhancement as it is about obtaining a greater return on investment. Houses sell faster when the interior is well designed and in good cosmetic condition. Ask any realtor and they will tell you that if you want to sell your house fast consult with an interior designer to touch up your domestic setting and make it better.

Why The Durability of Custom Cabinets Matter

It is highly desirable to have durability in a product that you have custom made. Besides the happiness the item gives you it is nice to know the cabinet will last into near perpetuity. Certain woods have a tendency to hold up better over time. We can direct you to the longest lasting materials so that your stylish tendencies in the present will be a fine gift to future posterity. There is also something wonderful about being able to run your fingers along a wooden cabinet that is well built. The smoothly sanded wood grain, the strength of the wood and the polished feel of the dried urethane surface all make for a satisfying tactile experience. You can knock your knuckles on the wood and you will hear the sound that only solid wood makes. And if you try to do the same thing with composited wood which is glued together from mere saw dust remnants than you will immediately notice the difference. The sound, the touch, the strength and durability of solid wood custom cabinets is noticeably better. The visceral experience of luxury cabinets can be seen and felt and experienced in a manner which is truly palpable. If you want to experience what a truly luxurious kitchen is than building the cabinets by hand is the best way to reach this state of comfort. The quality of hand built cabinets is truly a marvelous thing to experience firsthand. It is also a wonderful selling point on the resale of your home or condominium.