Our Chicago Cabinet Refacing Services

Do you have shelves that are worn out and are in need of repair? We can help you to reface your cabinets and renew them as part of our home remodeling services. No cabinet refacing job is too large or too small for us to take on! We have the experience to make your kitchen shine as it once did. When you opt to reface and refinish a cabinet rather than tearing out the cabinet and install a new one you save a great deal of money. But saving money is not the only consideration to keep in mind when seeking out fine cabinet refacing services. It is also very environmentally friendly to save the wood frames of your cabinet shelves for a second use. If your cabinets simply need to be refinished instead of entirely replaced than why not save money and the environment in the process?

Why Refacing and Refinishing Your Cabinets is Recommended

We have talked about how the cost of cabinet refacing is cheaper than custom cabinetry and that it is also more friendly to the environment. But another aspect of cabinet refacing work to consider is that the process can be completed faster than a traditional tear down of a kitchen or bathroom. We can refinish and repair your cabinets away from the work site at our local wood working and wood refinishing shop and then reinstall them on site. This process is often much faster and less messy than totally tearing out your existing cabinets and installing new ones. It is also less disruptive to your life.

We Can Repair and Match Your Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets

When we are working with your cabinets and seeking to repair and refinish them it is essential that we match the cabinets with the right wood and color stain to achieve a seamless look. We will work with on this and properly match your newly repaired and refaced cabinet with your existing cabinets for a consistent look.